Hair Design and Makeup Artist Emily Hudspeth

Emily Hudspeth Greenwald has been a professional stylist and makeup artist for more than 12 years, working in special events, photo shoots and commercials. Now the mother of two small children, Emily balances her time between being a mom, working with her beautiful clients and coaching artists aspiring to build their own freelance business thru her blog, Money Making Makeup Artist.

As a stylist and makeup artist, I spend time with clients right before a memorable event and our time together can set the tone for the day. What I love most about serving my clients is making them not only look, but feel amazing for the big events in their life. I love giving them the gift of a fun, relaxing and beautiful start to their day!

It is a pleasure and privilege to come together with some of the best vendors in the industry to create a magical event that will be one to remember. There are so many big hearts and great talent sharing their gifts to create a dream wedding for Alex and Laura.

Three of my most helpful tips when it comes to hair and makeup for your dream wedding:


  1. Have an idea of things that you love and things that you do not love (or dislike) and communicate both to your vendors. Having a clear understanding of what my clients ideal look is helps me get them exactly what they want. Pinterest is helpful to organize photos and show examples of what you are thinking.
  2. For hair and makeup, it is important to be comfortable and photograph well. Think about the event as whole, not just how you will be in the first hour or for photographs. It is important to design a look that is long lasting and can withstand the elements of the day so you can enjoy this special day.
  3. Take the time to do a trial run and see how the look the have envisioned feels once its complete. This helps understand how long the process will take to achieve and how it will hold up once its complete. Having a good understanding of what to expect will help you plan your timeline and feel comfortable that the look is going to hold up while you dance the night away.

Laura and I have talked about what she can expect when we work together on her wedding day. We met and did her trial run on the same day as her dress fitting so she was able to see how the entire look came together. I think it is important for brides and vendors to communicate their expectations clearly upfront so that the entire process runs smoothly.