A new home for A Wedding Collective Giveaway

Welcome to the Wedding Collective Giveaway‘s brand new online home!! We’re so excited that this event has come together so well! Whether you were a part of this amazing contest or are just wanted to follow along in Alex and Laura’s amazing story, we’re glad you’re here.

We created this site because we knew that this amazing couple’s story needed to be shouted from the rooftops! We wanted everyone who loves this giveaway and who loves Alex and Laura to have an easy-to-access site where they could be a part of the process!

The wedding is only WEEKS away and so much is going on behind the scenes! We have over a dozen incredible vendors who have partnered together to make this dream a reality and in less than a month, it will happen!!


As we prep for the wedding giveaway, we wanted you to get to know the vendors, see a little behind the scenes and build excitement around this amazing celebration! So thanks for stopping by! We hope you’ll take time to click around and also bookmark this blog for future updates!

Thank you for continuing to support this exciting project! We can’t WAIT until the big day!!!

With love and anticipation,

Katelyn and The Wedding Collective Giveaway Team!