Wedding cake design and decorating with Sorby Sweets

Sorby Sweets is a cake decorating and design business located in Fredericksburg, VA. I make everything from wedding cakes to cake pops and almost anything in between! I have a bigger sweet tooth than most, and Sorby Sweets is simply an extension of myself. It’s a way for me to share my love of beautiful and yummy desserts.


I am passionate about being involved with A Weddibg Collective Giveaway because every love story deserves to be celebrated!

3 essential tips from Sorby Sweets owner Amanda Sorby

  1. Develop a relationship with your baker/decorator. Let them get a true feel for your style and who you are as a couple.
  2. Do not wait to plan the cake until the last minute. Deciding on design, style, and flavors takes time!
  3. Consider your guest list when determining how much cake you will actually need. Some groups need at least one serving per guest whereas other groups only need enough cake to feed half.


Cake planning with Alex and Laura started soon after they were announced as winners. Laura sent me pictures of cakes that she liked and we began a dialogue about flavors. As the months went by, we became friends on social media and kept in contact. Then when we finally met for the first time at the tasting, it was like sharing a meal with a good friend. Discussing design and flavors were easy since we already had a skeleton of what Alex and Laura were looking for and we quickly developed a design that fit their taste and coordinated with the aesthetic of the wedding.