How we met

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m blessed to have this opportunity to share our story with you.

Alex and I started dating 8 years ago at Christopher Newport University. We’ll both tell you very different stories of how we first met: Alex recalls his first encounter with his bride to be in a “study group” freshman year in my dorm room (which I have zero recollection of).

And I remember first meeting Al(ex) later that year at an ice hockey party. It wasn’t until sophomore year when we had 3 classes together in 1 semester, that we finally started dating.

It was as if our fate was sealed by the Registrar’s Office at CNU. This relationship began in a “pirate”-themed English class after I left my seat in the front row, next to one of my girlfriends, and moved all of my things to sit next to Alex. I wanted him to notice me. Little did I know, he already had a crush on me since the year before.

We spent our first date on Valentine’s Day, at Chili’s, and Alex made me, THE GIRL, drive. It’s ok though, I’ve had the keys ever since, and the rest is history.

xo Laura

Alex + Laura’s Engagement Photos

by Katelyn James Photography