Eclectic, vintage wedding rentals with Paisley and Jade

Paisley & Jade is a boutique-style rental company and prop house that specializes in vintage and eclectic items – we maintain an inventory of gorgeous furniture and decor pieces that can be used to create one-of-a-kind visual displays. From soirĂ©es to styled shoots, our collection contains the details that assist our clients in executing their vision, and nothing makes us happier than seeing their ideas come to life!

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Being involved in this giveaway was one small way we felt we could give back to our little corner of the world, all while getting to work alongside some AMAZING vendors to create a dream day for a super deserving couple!

3 essential tips from Paisley and Jade founders Perkins Morgan & Morgan Montgomery

  1. Know your guest count, know how it affects you, and know it early! For rentals, your guest count comes into play almost everywhere (How many chairs will you need? Do you have so many guests you need multiple bars? How much space will you need to fit all of these things?), which translates directly into the budget. There is nothing more disappointing than having to tell a client that their budget, guest count and vision aren’t all on the same page.
  2. Pick what you like, and like what you pick! When it comes to wedding design, it’s so easy to get lost in other people’s opinions, thousands of pins, and the latest bridal magazine. While these are all great sources of inspiration and ideas, your wedding is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so it’s important to not get sidetracked by all the other noise out there.
  3. We love when you hire other professionals, especially if we have a working relationship with them! When you tell us that you have hired a day-of-coordinator, we get excited because that means we know that someone will be available to handle the pertinent details (and we don’t have to bother a family or bridal party member). And if it’s someone we have worked with before? Huge bonus, because we will all already be that much more comfortable with each other – which will only make your day smoother! Same thing goes for photographers – when you tell us who you’ve hired, and it’s someone we know who takes gorgeous images and shares those on their social media and with the vendors involved on a regular basis, we’re more likely to go the extra mile if we need to!

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Since Laura & Alex were interested in unique seating options for their ceremony, we were so glad to hear they had a good grasp on their guest count from the start. Since our inventory consists of unique pieces, we work with limited inventory quantities and we were able to ensure we had enough of what they wanted available!
As for the design of the day, since Laura & Alex were working with Tart Event Co., they had already gone through the process of figuring out what their aesthetic would be. The inspiration board they have been working with has given them a great resource to look back on when they make rental decisions, as it provides a clear guide to the refined style that they’ve established for their day!

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And as for vendors, we might be biased, but Laura & Alex have one of the best teams around! But seriously, knowing the all-star cast of vendors that make up this team make us even MORE excited to be a part of it. Who wouldn’t want to go to work with a fun, caring, “let’s make it happen!” group of people like these? Walking into a wedding day with professionals who truly care about their clients and their clients’ experiences, and truly want to help make a memorable day is our favorite!!