A Wedding Collective Giveaway

The Why

Giving and serving others feels great. It’s the best part of our jobs. Making people feel happy and alive.

Katelyn James Photography and Big Spring Farm had a crazy idea…to give away a dream wedding! But, how to make it work? Call up some of the industry’s best vendors.

Not only do we get to help a totally deserving couple, but we get to plan an epic wedding celebration.


Alex + Laura’s Reaction

Ohhh myyy goodness!!!!  Alex and I are in complete shock; I’m having heart palpitations!  We cannot thank all of you enough for this. This is the craziest, most amazing thing that’s ever happened to us!  I can’t wait to meet all of you and finally start planning.  THANK YOU doesn’t even skim the surface of our gratitude.  We are so grateful for you all!
Alex & Laura